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Hip Show – a red-hot interactive show which will blow your mind away! Hip Show is more than just full-contact types of martial arts and physical fighting skills. It’s the next big step in sports entertainment.

Imagine a 12m by 12m Arena… then add three-level structures up to 2 meters high. And if that’s not exiting enough, imagine a team fight in equal or powerplay line-ups! That’s right - we’re not talking about “single combat”. Hip show is all about team battle, team spirit, training partnerships and tactical savvy. Our Fighters can use any style of contact martial arts. Hip Show fighting rules allow any impact, throws or takedowns in accordance with international MMA rules (learn more about Rules and Regulations)

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 Jun, 2014 Qualification tournament, USA
 July, 2014 International Hip Show Championship, USA

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Arena Combat I Video Highlights

Arena Combat I: Southeast Trials on Aug. 9 in Bristol, Va. was the first American Arena Combat event The sport was introduced to a rowdy studio audience in the Bearcat Den gym, and the crowd was captured from the opening fight to the main event.

Amenities exclusive to Arena Combat bouts such as the padded obstacles, team based maneuvers and the 2-on-1 Sudden Death round were on display from the beginning of the night. 

Undefeated bantamweight “Jabbawockee" Josh Smith propelled himself off of “The Table” obstacle with a flying kick and dove off of an obstacle into a takedown. One of two teams of brothers, Team Ludus, used group tactics throughout en route to a victory. And fans were in awe of the 60 second 2-on-1 round, cheering a number of sole survivors to a 1-on-1 final round.

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Arena Combat To Debut in U.S., August 9

Mixed martial arts has finally made it into the main spot light. ESPN, Yahoo sports, Fox sports, and many other main sports news sites now cover both the UFC and Bellator FC.

What can promoters do next to continue the push of MMA? Some have tried MMA skydiving, five-on-five fights where each team eliminates each other at once, and now this, Arena Combat.

The scene looks like a spin from American Gladiators with an obstacle course, and it is a two-on-two match up.

On Saturday, August 9 in Bristol, Virginia, Arena Combat will make its debut on US soil. Eryk Anders (8-3-1 amateur record) and Marcel Stamps (3-0 amateur record), will compete against Russian mixed martial artists who have competed on this show.

Stamps and Anders are former university of Alabama football stars, now pursuing a career in mixed martial arts in a unique way.